The Newburyport Youth Hockey League was established to teach ice skating and the sport of ice hockey to children up to and including high school age. We are a parent-led, volunteer, non-profit organization.


2009: 14 Years/14 & Under

2010: 13 Years/14 & Under

2011: 12 Years/12 & Under

2012: 11 Years/12 & Under

2013: 10 Years/10 & Under

2014: 9 Years/10 & Under

2015: 8 Years/8 & Under

2016: 7 Years/8 & Under

2017: 6 Years/6 & Under 


NYHL Season generally begins the last week of August starting with practices. Games typically start the second week of September.

The first 6 weeks of games are a parody round so the Valley Hockey League can place teams U8-U14 in an appropriate competitive skill level bracket.

The regular season begins mid-late October and goes until mid-February. Playoffs begin in February. Each team's seasonal wrap-up varies and the season usually closes at the end of March and sometimes even the beginning of April!

It's a long one folks!


Practices are held at the Graf Rink in Newburyport. From November-February, 1 practice a week will be held at Phillips Exeter Rink in Exeter, NH.


NYHL Teams practice 2-3x a week.


Games are generally held on weekends. Sometimes there will be a game during the week if it's a holiday or vacation week.


Due to fundraising efforts, the NYHL has been able to provide jerseys for the 2022-23 season and the 2023-24 season. Normally, it is an additional seasonal cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we have the new season schedule?

For games, we are at the mercy of the Valley Hockey League. VHL coordinates all the scheduling for games. As soon as VHL posts the schedule, our system updates the team calendars. Please be prepared to not have a set schedule until mid-October. Even then, things change and shift.

For practices, once the season gets rolling (beginning of Oct) the practices become more consistent with an extra practice thrown in here and there due to ice availability.

2023-2024 Player Placements

Placement Dates (Formally Try-Outs)

Monday, March 20th & 22nd

5 PM: U8 Mite—Birth Years 2015-2016
6 PM: U10 Squirt—Birth Years 2013-2014
7 PM: U12 PeeWee—Birth Years 2011-2012
8 PM: U14 Bantams—Birth Years 2009-2010

$50 per player.

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